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Electricity and flood damage.

If you have had the misfortune and suffered significant flood damage to your home or business, you need to be aware flood waters can damage the electrical installations and make them unsafe.

It is understandable that the first thing a homeowner or business owner would want to do after the flood waters have subsided, is to enter the premises to check out the damage.

However, this is not safe to do.  Mud and debris from the floodwaters can conduct electricity and the electrical connections and wiring may have already begun to erode. Wiring may have become exposed leaving them live with an electrical current.

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Before you re-enter a home or business that has been flooded, you must ensure the electricals of the property have been tested by a licensed emergency, residential or commercial electrician.

An installation that has been inundated with flood water requires careful inspection and possible repairs by the electrician before the electricity supply can be restored.

Once the electricals have been deemed safe, only then can you turn on the electricity supply and plug in any appliances, but only those that have not been affected by flood water.

Any appliances that have gotten wet must be disposed of as they will no longer be electrically safe to use.

Watmar Electrical Contractors licensed and experienced electricians service all the Gold Coast and are ready for any electrical emergency.

Our emergency electricians can test the electricals and undertake any necessary electrical repairs such as re-wiring to your home or business if it has suffered from flood.

Call Watmar Electrical Contractors today on 1300 785 177.  We will make sure your property is electrically safe to return to.

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“It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that turns up when they say they will, undertakes the work efficiently, does the job well and cleans up after themselves.”
–Chrissie, Image Ink

“Very professional service. On time and completed the job in a timely manner. Left the site rubbish free. Appliances all working well.”
– Jacqueline, Oxenford, QLD

“Very quick and efficient and easy to deal with, great people.”
– John Brereton, Aussie Woodworks

“Giving credit when credit is due, I need you to know how impressed I was with Bernie and his guys so far as my kitchen renovation goes. He just did it right from the second he showed up on time, to when he put his boots back on outside my front door!"...
– Peter Spencer, Mudgeeraba

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