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Don’t risk it in your roof space!

As we know, working with electricity should only be done by a fully licensed electrician. In one of our previous blogs titled “The dangers of DIY electrical work”, we’ve explained it is just too dangerous to attempt any electrical work yourself.

But what if you need to get into your roof to perhaps check on a water leak or get a suitcase down that you’ve stored up there? Is it safe? Sometimes you will have a reason to get into your roof space and it’s not to do electrical work.

Watmar Electrical Contractors, Gold Coast have a team of experienced residential, commercial, strata and emergency electricians on hand to take care of all manner of electrical needs in all sorts of situations.

From installing new power points through to complete shop fitouts, Watmar Electrical Contractors can do it all!

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What we don’t do is encourage anyone to risk their life whilst they are in a roof space!

Roof spaces of homes and buildings can be fraught with danger.  When you are working in a roof space, you need to be aware you are working near electricity!

Roof spaces tend to be a maze of electrical wires and air-conditioning ducts, which can be enmeshed with insulation batts.

The risk of electrocution from live wires in the roof space can result from:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Deteriorated electrical wiring
  • Vermin chewing the outer casing of cables, exposing the live wire underneath

As electricity is extremely unforgiving, Watmar Electrical Contractors recommend you play it safe and always turn off the main switch at your switchboard, before you enter your roof.

This turns off the electricity in the house but be aware, it does not turn off the overhead supply from the street to your house.

Never take chances with electricity, the outcome could be disastrous.  Keep your family safe from harm and always have a licensed residential, commercial or strata electrician carry out electrical work in your home or business.

Consider the installation of additional RCD’s that stop electrical current when it detects a current leak that could cause a potential electric shock or electrocution.

If you must enter your roof space, remember, turn off the electricity at your switchboard first.

In the event of an emergency, never attempt a DIY electrical job, call Watmar Electrical Contractors for an emergency electrician.

Watmar Electrical Contractors licensed and experienced electricians service all the Gold Coast for our valued clients.

If you have concerns about electrical safety in your roof space or require an electrician for anything electrical, don’t roll the dice and take a risk, call Watmar Electrical Contractors today on 1300 785 177.

Our Client Reviews

“It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that turns up when they say they will, undertakes the work efficiently, does the job well and cleans up after themselves.”
–Chrissie, Image Ink

“Very professional service. On time and completed the job in a timely manner. Left the site rubbish free. Appliances all working well.”
– Jacqueline, Oxenford, QLD

“Very quick and efficient and easy to deal with, great people.”
– John Brereton, Aussie Woodworks

“Giving credit when credit is due, I need you to know how impressed I was with Bernie and his guys so far as my kitchen renovation goes. He just did it right from the second he showed up on time, to when he put his boots back on outside my front door!"...
– Peter Spencer, Mudgeeraba

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