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Pontoon & Jetty Power

Need power or lighting for your jetty?

Are you having a new pontoon or jetty installed and want it to have lights and power connected safely? Watmar Electrical Contractors can help you with any power or lighting requirements you have for your new pontoon, boat ramp, or jetty throughout the waterways of the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

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Waterfront power requirements

There are some very specific requirements for waterfront, canal or river facing areas – especially to ensure your installation can cope with the severe weather events experienced in South East Queensland. Our licensed electricians will make sure you have the right equipment installed that is not only suited to your needs and requirements but very safe as well.

You may choose lighting which shows you the way back to your jetty or something that showcases your boat and provides security illumination. We can organise timers for your lights or remote control so you can control them from your house.

Pontoon Power Points

Common pontoon power questions

  1. I am using a specialist jetty/pontoon company to install for me – can you work in with them?

We sure can – we work all the time with various different builders on installations such as this.  We communicate with them throughout the build to ensure we have everything covered in a timely fashion.

  1. I already have a jetty/pontoon – is it too late to get power and lights installed for it?

No, we can usually retrofit power or lights to most sites – even if your jetty has been in place for a long time.

  1. Will anything at my property need to be upgraded?

Depending on what your power needs are at the Jetty / Pontoon, sometimes we may need to make some changes at your main switchboard. For example – large boats may require significant amounts of power.

But don’t worry – we work with these types of installations all the time and you are in very good hands.

  1. Will you need to dig up my yard or gardens?

Sometimes this is necessary – but we will work with you to minimise any groundwork's required.  We can also assist with any excavation or other works required to run power to the Jetty / Pontoon.

Complete jetty power solutions

Watmar Electrical Contractors can take care of all your jetty power and lighting requirements.

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